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Q1. Why Should I SignUp?
In order to contact any of the users on Roomy, you must have an active Ad or listing. Using our service allows you to have significant exposure to thousands of people Looking for a Room and Offering a Room or Looking for an Entire Home and Offering an Entire Home. Each listing is checked by our moderators to ensure quality ads and a safe environment for all our users. In order to provide users with immense experience,  registered members can contact you directly through Roomy MAILBOX, telephone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram when provide. And you can contact them back via Roomy MAILBOX,  telephone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram if you provided. As a Roomy community member, you will be receiving instant notification of matching results on 24/7. Also, access to automated listing updates, and notifications by email. Instant access to customer support helpline.
Q2. How much does it cost?
You must be a Member of Roomy to access our pricing plans, Aside, there are NO FEES whatsoever in posting your Ads, making a listing or browsing matches. Roomy price plan is based on a set of free essentials and paid extras to HELP us defray Hosting & Staff costs.
Q3. How do I post I'm looking for a Room or Entire Home Listing?
On the top left of the page click the Find a Room button and you can now proceed in posting "I’m LOOKING for a Room" or "I’m LOOKING for Entire Home" Ad requirements. Once you have completed your profile with as much information as possible; Verifying your account by adding your Social Network links to your profile, uploading photos of yourself, it will then automatically display ad variants that match your search criteria. To get the best possible results from our service, we do recommend to members to be proactive in their search and to contact as many potential, Roommates, Rooms or Entire Homes owners and Tenants profile that interest them
Q4. How do I post I'm Offering a Room or Entire Home Ad?
On the top left of the page click the List your Room button and you can now proceed in posting your I’m OFFERING a Room or I’m OFFERING Entire Home Ad requirements. Once you have completed your profile with as much information as possible; add your Social Network links to your profile, Upload photos of your Room, Apartment or Flat, it will then automatically display ad variants that match your criteria. To get the best possible results from our service, we do recommend to members to be proactive in their search and to contact as many potential roommates, flatmates. sublets, flatshares or tenants that interest them
Q5. How many pictures can I Upload?
We allow a maximum of 8 to 12 images to be uploaded, per advert.
Q6. What minimum Image/picture file size can I upload?
1MB image size is the minimum file size allowed
Q7. Why Should I upload a picture?
Adding pictures/images to your Ad raises your credibility & increase your response by 500%.
Q8. Why Should I have a detailed description?
Searching members read through the descriptions of their possible matches to help them decide if they would like to reach out to you.  Entering a full description of yourself, or the room, apartment, flat or the house you are offering makes a big difference in the response your ad will get. I’M LOOKING FOR A ROOM or I’M LOOKING FOR APARTMENT/FLAT/HOUSE: The ad description should have what kind of room you are looking for, double, single etc., or how many bedroom apartments/flat or house you are looking for e.g., 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms etc. The amenities you would like (Internet, furnished, air conditioning etc.) You can also put the rent and minimum stay in this description and then a few sentences about yourself, work and what kind of person you are. Adding a photo of yourself will help as well, as it will make your profile stand out from those that have not provided a photo to be displayed. 
Q9. How do I deactivate my Account?
If you're no longer LOOKING for a Room, Roommate or Apartment/Flat or you're no longer OFFERING a Room, Apartment/Flat, you could deactivate your Account temporarily from your Account Status Page. Deactivated Account no longer appear visible to other users on the site and you will no longer receive phone calls or email messages from  other users. You can reactivate it again in the future. 
Q10. I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
Don't worry – it happens to the best of us. You can click on Forgot Password link in the login area to reset your password. 
Q11. How do I delete my account?
Before you DELETE your account, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. ALL your profile will be removed, Please be aware that this is a permanent action and that we cannot restore Deleted accounts. If you've considered the above and still wish to delete your account, you can log into your account and select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu link, then click on “Status” link, and then click on the “Delete Account” button.  If you think you may need your account again in the future, we recommend deactivating your Account temporarily from the same your account “Status” Page. Deactivated Account no longer appear visible to other users on the site and you will no longer receive phone calls or email messages from other users. You can reactivate it again in the future.
Q12. How can I support Roomy?
Share your positive experience about Roomy with your friends and family through Social Media and also we invite you to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/roomyrent and like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/roomyrents or Instagram: https://instagram.com/roomyrentals  and LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/roomyrentals If you have your own Blog or Webpage we would appreciate it if you write about your positive experience with Roomy.
Q13. Can you find me a room to rent?
Roomy is not a property letting agency, instead, we offer a website and App that allows people to place roommates and rooms for rent classified adverts and contact advertisers direct. Consider us as an introductory service; we will help you find rooms/tenants but we cannot vouch for the suitability of any enquiries, or indeed make any suggestions.
Q14. What's the advantages of upgrading to Prime Membership?
Here is list of main benefits of upgrading to Prime Membership.   Prime membership allows you to contact ALL Newest adverts and gives you unrestricted access to ALL listings. You can contact all Basic and Prime Members by Phone, Roomnett MailBox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, chat, read and reply every message. Any member can contact you by Phone, Email, Roomnett MailBox, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, chat, read and reply your message. Free for all Members to contact you straight away. 100% better chances to find a Sublet or Flatshare. Login now to upgrade your account!
Q15. Will my Prime Membership be automatically renewed?
When you choose a one-time payment plan to Upgrade to Prime Membership, your Prime Membership will not be automatically renewed. As soon as your paid plan expires your account will revert back to a Basic Membership. But if you choose a subscription plan during your upgrade to Prime Membership, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of applicable initial subscription period unless you elect to cancel your subscription before the end of current subscription period.
Q16. Does Roomy verify users?
At Roomy we take your security very seriously. We make sure that users and listings are screened both automatic and checked manually through our moderators to ensure that you have a safe experience on Roomy.  With Roomy you're rest assured of who you are communicating with as we encourage every Roomy member to verify their account by adding their phone number or their favourite social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram to their profile as its the safest and convenient way to verify who someone claims to be.  When you add your phone number or your social network to your account or profile, it would give you more credibility and trust from any user responding to your listing. Also when a user adds his or her favorite social network link, it sets the mind of any user contacting him or her at ease, knowing that it's a real person with a real life who have nothing to hide.
Q17. Social media verification (Recommended)?
Verifying your account by adding your phone number or your favorite social media network links builds trust with other members and helps confirm that you are who you say you are. It helps speed up the Roomnett selection process by allowing other members to learn a few details about you before viewing or making contact.  Members who link their social media network to their profile often get more inquiries and more replies. To get the full benefit you need to allow public viewing of your profile. This allows upgraded members access to your publicly available Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin, page through your listing.
Q18. Do you have an App?
We do have an app version of the site both on iOS and Android App. Also, our site has been optimized and designed for use on mobile browsers. iOS Requirements: iOS 9.3 and later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Android Requirements: Android 4.0 and later.
Q19. What data do you collect when I Sign-Up with Facebook?
We collect basic info like your profile picture, email, date of birth, and full name. We will never post anything on your behalf.
Q20. Will My Payment Information Be Secure?
For your personal financial security, ALL payment transactions on Roomy are processed by Stripe and PayPal, both are secure and trusted names in online payment processing. Information relating to your payment such as your Credit/Debit card details or your PayPal account details are not shared or seen by us (Roomy), and they never reside on our servers. 
Q21. Should I use Western Union MoneyGram to Transfer Money??
NO. NEVER transfer money without meeting in person and viewing the property. Also, NEVER wire funds using Western Union, Bitcoin, MoneyGram or other Wire services.   Never mailing a cheque. It is our belief that these forms of funds transfer are favored by fraudsters. If you are abroad, use a reputable escrow service.
Q22. Should I view the room or property in person?
YES. We encourage face-to-face, meeting. People willing to rent a room or entire home to a prospective roommate or tenant without seeing it, even if they claim that it is because they are currently overseas, are unlikely to be legitimate. Always view the room in person.
Q23. Where can I edit my listing??
If you want to change edit information on your listing, please log in to your account and follow these instructions: As you Log in click the Menu button at the top right of the page and select My Listing/Profile from the dropdown links, then click on any of your listings and start Editing.
Q24. Resetting my password?
If you forgot your password and cannot access your account, you can request a password reset link. Simply go to the Homepage and click on " Login", then click on "I Forgot My Password".You need to remember your email address and provide it, then select "Reset Password". In less than one minute, you will be receiving an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Note: The password-reset link will expire within hours, in order to protect your privacy. If you have not received this email, please check your spam and junk folders.